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Writing at Work: Women in Nontraditional Careers in Their Own Words

NTO: nontraditional occupation

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Nineteen women show how they use writing on the job. "You have to be able to present well, you have to be able to write well, or you're just someone sitting in the corner at a computer desk," says an engineer. "The ability to communicate with people is absolutely the most critical part of the job," adds a police detective.

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Writing at Work: Women in Nontraditional Careers in Their Own Words--Oral history, labor history, interviews, images of women in nontraditional careers (nto):  woman detective, woman firefighter, woman paramedic, woman highway technician, woman police officer, woman architectural engineer, woman detective, woman uniformed special investigator, woman dentist, woman water resources supervisor, women civil engineers, woman pavement marking crew shief, woman technical services manager, woman electrical engineer, woman test 7 development engineer,  African-American women nontraditional careers,  black women nontraditional careers, minority women nontraditional careers

“You have to know how to reach out into other people’s worlds, across the barrier that separates you from them.”

“Every day we write in . . . our construction diaries in the field.”

“I have to do a lot of writing. . . . we have to do news releases. . . . That’s an art in itself.”

“We have some very well-qualified engineers that failed the advanced engineer test because their writing skills were so poor.”

“I do an awful lot of writing, and that’s actually one of the most important things.  I wouldn’t have thought about it beforehand, but when you’re trying to convey to a large group of different people what a problem may be, you have to be very, very clear and concise on the problem definition, what you think can be done to solve it, and the steps that need to be taken in the future; and so we write a lot of reports. . . .”    

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