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Posters showing women in nontraditional careers demonstrate a legacy of success that can inspire other women and girls to try something new. Seeing  women workers in unfamiliar roles helps to reinforce the idea that being in a nontraditional career is not as strange and unusual as it might  seem. Even if there aren’t many females in their own classes or on a job site, images of women at work in nontraditional careers creates an  atmosphere of possibility.

Today’s women in nontraditional careers are building on a heritage that goes  back to the Rosie the Riveters of World War II and before the Rosies to  women like aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart. And the idea of using images to inspire other women goes back a long way, too. The U.S. government  printed thousands of posters showing women doing essential war-time work that had earlier been considered inappropriate for women. Earhart  created scrapbooks full of photos of women at work in nontraditional  fields like engineering. The scrapbooks helped inspire her to go on with work that was difficult and often discouraging, so that she wouldn’t  feel so alone.

The  Her Own Words® series of Women in Nontraditional Careers posters and  DVDs highlights women at work and shows them succeeding.

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All eighteen Nontraditional Careers programs feature women workers speaking directly to the audience in their own voices and in their own words. "All speak confidently about the work they do and why they like it. The series underscores the excitement and growth potential of career choices and changes. The concept throughout is that the women who do the work are the experts" (Labor Studies Journal). These short programs are used enthusiastically by teachers, counselors, career-exploration-day organizers, librarians, equity team members, and vocational professionals throughout the country. Because each woman speaks directly to the audience in her own voice and in her own words, the programs are suitable for many ages. The conversational style of the productions appeals to a wide variety of audiences, from upper-elementary school to community-college and adult audiences. The DVDs are available individually and in a 18-DVD box set.

A nontraditional career or nontraditional occupation (NTO) is a career in which women make up less than 25 percent of the workforce.

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Women in Nontraditional Careers

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