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NTO Postcards

Full color, 6" x 4.25" Vertical.  Text on back of each postcard:

Women make up 47 percent of the total U.S. labor force.  When choosing a career, it’s important to think about all the possibilities, including fields that have not traditionally been considered a choice for females.  But more and more women have been entering “nontraditional careers” and succeeding in them.  “We can do it!” many women say. And the benefits of a less traditional career can include higher pay, better benefits, and more job satisfaction.  The important thing is to find a job that suits you.  Think about whether you want to work inside or outside, whether you want to dress up or have a more casual work atmosphere, whether or not you want to work with your hands.  There are nontraditional careers in a wide variety of fields and working conditions.  Some of these careers include: Agriculture, Automotive Industry, Building Construction, Dentistry, Electronics, Engineering, Firefighting, Highway Construction, Information Technology, Machining, Manufacturing, Mold-Making, Policing, Welding.

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<A   Firefighter
<B Welder




K> Automotive, Highway Construction
L>  Highway Construction, Engineer



<C Automotive Tech
<D Machinist



M>  Building Construction, Automotive, Dentistry
N>  Electrician, Highway Construction, Helicopter Pilot


<E Earthmover
   & Machinist
<F Firefighter &



O> Hazmat, Nanotechnology Manufacturing, Highway Construction
P> Welder, Agriculture, Highway Construction


<G Machinist &
   Highway Engineer
<H Engineer &
   Police Officers



Q>  Plumber, Engineer (Agriculture)
R>  Electrician, Helicopter Pilot, Electrician


<I Electrician & Highway Construction Worker

<J Firefighters/             Paramedics
  & Electronics Tech


S> Machinist, Welder, Highway Construction
T>  Helicopter Pilot, Cheesemaker (Agriculture), Highway Construction