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Women in Dentistry

NTO: nontraditional occupation

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Four dentists in a variety of specialties. "I couldn't be happier now!" says one of them

From Women in Dentistry DVD:
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“Well, I’ve always been really interested in the medical field, so that was really my goal, to do something there. . . . I think the major thing that I like about being a small business owner is that I just like the control and the power behind it.”

You need to be good with your hands. . . . Some kind of art background, believe it or not, is good.  You also need to be strong in your sciences: biology classes, chemistry. . . . Dentistry’s a great profession.  I work three days a week and I can still be home a couple days with my son.  It’s really good.  You spend a lot of time getting there; but once you’ve got your degree and you’re practicing, it’s really pretty nice.”

“I think one of the biggest satisfactions is when you help someone and they really appreciate what you’ve done for them.”

“Dentistry is a very good field.  I really enjoy it.  There are several advantages of being a woman in dentistry.  Your hands are smaller and patients appreciate that.  You have a gentle touch.”

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Women in Nontraditional Careers

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