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About the Producer

Jocelyn Riley produced the Her Own Words ® Women in Nontraditional Careers series of DVDs, resource guides, and posters.  She has interviewed nearly 200 women working in a wide variety of careers that are not thought of as being typically appropriate for females.

Riley serves as Vice-President of the National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity Education Foundation; she has been active in NAPE and the NAPE EF for many years. 

Riley has a B.A. degree from Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota, and earned a GCDF (Global Career Development Facilitator) certification from the Center on Education and Work, University of Wisconsin-Madison. 

Riley’s work has been honored with the Write Women Back into History Award from the National Women’s History Project. 

“The best part about my work,” Riley says, “is meeting the wonderful women who work in a wide variety of challenging careers and presenting their stories to girls and women who are searching for meaningful and family-sustaining work.  Not every woman will choose a ‘nontraditional’ career, but every girl and woman should have the opportunity to consider that choice.”